EOS 2016
Cultural Fest

The six Pace Junior Science Colleges across Mumbai along with Vagad Pace Global School, hold an annual intercollegiate festival called EOS, which in Greek mythology is the name of the Goddess of Dawn.

The idea of EOS was conceived with the aim - to provide platform to the youth, where their talent and expertise would be recognized and duly rewarded. EOS organizes a wide range of events for students to showcase their talent in different categories - Intellectual, Cultural and Sports. Culminating in a one day extravaganza, EOS also hosts many inspiring exhibitions and mega shows.

All the youth work in collaboration to organize this fest. The squad body is divided in - Public Relations, Cultural, Sports, Intellectual, etc.

These students are responsible for every aspect of the fest from gathering funds, security, hospitality, to advertising to organizing all the events that take place. An event which today has become a trend and college students look up to participate in this annual fest.

To address the issues plaguing in our present society, EOS also undertakes social initiatives in association with foremost NGOs.