EOS 2016
Terms & Conditions
  • The entire campus is under Electronic surveillance
  • Campus Guidance will be given to students and parents (if any) since it will be their first visit to Vagad Pace Global School
  • There will be Information Help Desks around the campus at different points to help students and parents
  • We will be providing an itinerary to the students and parents attending the fest along
  • with the invite which will include the event list with their time slots and at which venue it is taking place
  • Basic First Aid kit will be available at all event venues in case someone is hurt
  • Ambulance will be available at all times, on all 3 days at the venue
  • Fire brigade will be available on call in case of emergency
  • Food arrangements will be there at the campus all 3 days at all times
  • Help line number will be updated soon on our website